Chirello Advertising Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Steve Chirello Advertising celebrates its 20-year anniversary this year.

Over the past two decades, the agency has worked on a wide variety of projects for universities, multiple school districts, manufacturing and retail.

Chirello Advertising has also worked for non-profit, automotive, financial institutions and everything in between.

One of the agency’s priorities has been to develop collaborative client relationships.

Many clients have been with them for more than 10 years. Among these are: Burritt Motors, Oswego County Federal Credit Union, Eastern Shore Associates, Fulton City School District, St. Luke Health Services, and Wallace International.

“We’ve been privileged to help a number of small businesses get started and grow, and we’ve helped develop their logos and brands along the way,” Chirello said. “Within the last two decades, marketing tools have significantly changed, as well as the variety of ways clients use professional marketing and public relations consultants. The agency has witnessed sweeping changes from hard-copy camera-ready print ads, to PDFs. From U.S. Mail correspondence to e-mail, and from VHS videotape to digital and mobile marketing.”

A majority of client contact is online and allows instant feedback on designs, news releases, photography, video, and other services.

The agency believes that a change, of course, is the only constant.

Chirello Advertising looks forward to many more years of fun, creative, professional service, and we thank our clients through the years for their business and support.

Chirello, who is an adjunct faculty member at SUNY Oswego, has worked with more than 30 student interns, most from SUNY Oswego’s Communication Studies programs.

“It has been a great pleasure to be able to provide students with hands-on experience within the realm of public relations, marketing and advertising,” Chirello said.

Chirello has worked on projects for a wide variety of clients during his career, including celebrities Al Roker, Alec Baldwin, Leonardo DeCaprio and Tim Green.

Located in Fulton, Chirello Advertising offers full service advertising, public relations, and marketing expertise to a variety of industrial, professional, institutional and retail clients throughout Central New York.

The agency, working with in-house staff and outside associates, specializes in PR planning, online marketing and design, website development, the production of streaming video, print and media advertising, and market research.

With business ally C-3 Statistical Solutions, a national research organization, the agency provides situation analysis, customer feedback, and custom research.